Sunday, October 16, 2011

Amazon Diaper Deals!

Looking for deals on diapers?  Amazon has some of the best diaper deals, especially for not having to use coupons.  I have been ordering from them for over 6 months.  Sign up for "Amazon Mom" through their website, and then click the "subscribe and save" button on the right.  You will save 30% AND receive free shipping!  I always check the "every 6 months" option so that I have plenty of time to cancel if I don't want another shipment (you can do this under the "manage my subscriptions" option in your account).  Here are some great deals using the Amazon Mom and Subscribe & Save options:

Pampers Baby Dry, size 2, 246 count ($37.75; $.15/diaper)
Luvs Ultra, Size 4, 204 count ($31.98; $.16/diaper)
Seventh Generation, size 3, 76 count ($16.42; $.22/diaper)


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