Saturday, June 15, 2013

Candy Letter Father's Day Gift

Here's a super quick last minute Father's Day gift idea.  This is the poster board card that my kids made for Father's Day.  It reads:

Daddy- We really [Skor]ed with a dad like you!  Thanks for working hard for that [100 Grand] [Payday]!  You deserve to [Take 5].  You bring us so much [Almond Joy (w/ "almond" crossed out)] when you play with us and tickle us [Good & Plenty].  We will give you plenty of [Kisses] for Father's Day.  We love you to [Pieces] dad, and mom thinks you are a [Hot Tamale]!
Your [3 Musketeers]

The kids thought this was so much fun to put together (we glued the candies using a hot glue gun and it worked very well)!  Then, we painted their hands and they each got to do 2 handprints and then sign their name.  They gave it to daddy a little early ;)

FYI: We found all of the candy at the Dollar Store or CVS, and we bought the poster board at the Dollar Store, as well.  

Happy Father's Day!

(Don't forget to check out this super sweet "We Love Daddy" picture idea, too!)

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