Wednesday, March 7, 2012

FREE Meal Planning Service is Back!

If you missed the code for Food on the Table last time...It's Back!  I would definitely hurry if you want this, as they ran out of FREE LIFETIME memberships quickly last time they offered it!

Food on the Table is a meal planning service that utilizes your local store sales (you select your favorite/most shopped at stores) and your family's food preferences to help you create meals!  By planning your menu based around the items on sale at your local store each week, you can save a ton of money! 

  1. Head over to Food on the Table.  
  2. Enter the code: MARFREE at sign-up
  3.  Select your stores, set your food preferences, and begin browsing "on sale meals" that your family might enjoy!

You MUST use the code MARFREE at sign-up in order to receive the FREE LIFETIME MEMBERSHIP!

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