Week 1 (determine your budget, make your people list)
Week 2 (individual people budgets & gift ideas)
Week 3 (taking inventory)
Week 4 (creating a master plan; printables included)
Week 5: 7 Edible Gift Ideas
Week 6: Cultivating Grateful Hearts Through Serving Others
Craft/Gift Idea: DIY Doll Hat from an Old Sweater
Craft/Gift Idea: DIY Travel Pillows from an Old Pillow
Kids Christmas/Winter Books
Handprint Christmas Tree (Decor/Gift idea)
Christmas Kids Activities that Tie to Jesus!
Christmas Kids Activities 2
Tank Top to Bag in 20 Minutes
DIY Tile Coasters
Christmas Kids Books
Christmas Shape Lace & Trace
Salt Snowmen
"The Mitten" Book Activities & Crafts
Christmas Activity Advent


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