I'm a homeschooling momma to 4 kiddos.  Here you will find teaching tips, ideas, lessons, and more.  Enjoy! 


Book Report Ideas

Sun-Shaped Book Report (1st & 2nd grade)
Apple Book Report


Six Ways to Learn with Dice
Hungry Alligator (Greater Than/Less Than Craft/Activity)
Fall Leaves Number Match Using Stickers

Sensory Activities

Colored Heart Ice Cubes 
Footprint Guitars
Shaving Cream Bags
Truck Tub
Jell-O Sensory Play
Popcorn Sensory Tub (farm theme also)
Pumpkin Sensory Play
Sensory: Beans Tub
Goop Recipe
Cloud Dough Recipe
Homemade Playdough
Chocolate Cake Mix Painting
Sea Shells in a Sand Box (or Sand Tub)

File Folder Games



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