Saturday, June 2, 2012

DIY Face Wash/Make-Up Remover

About 3 months ago, I learned about making your own face wash.  It was frugal and easy to make, so I gave it a shot.  Apparently, face wash made with oils is actually very good for your skin (who knew?).  Here's what you do:

Mix in a small bottle:

If you have "Normal" skin:
1 Part Extra Virgin Olive Oil or Sunflower Oil (this moisturizes your skin)
1 Part Castor Oil (this cleans your skin- it's found in the laxatives section of your pharmacy)

If you have "oily" skin, mix:
1 Part Extra Virgin Olive Oil or Sunflower Oil
2-3 Parts Caster Oil

If you have "dry" skin, mix:
2-3 Parts Extra Virgin Olive Oil or Sunflower Oil
1 Part Caster Oil

Shake well before using.  To use, massage a small amount of the oil onto your face.  Place a warm washcloth over your face and allow to sit on your face for 1 minute.  Rinse and gently remove oils from skin with washcloth.

So, what do I think of this method?  Well, since you asked...

When I am patient enough to let a warm washcloth sit on my face, it is truly AMAZING.  My skin feels so nice and looks smoother/fresher/cleaner.  However, I have found that I am not that patient.  A quick wash using the oil in the shower does not seem to have the same affect.  It really does need a little bit of time to sit on your skin.

I have continued to use the solution as an eye make-up remover.  It works SO well and is so much cheaper than store-bought eye make-up removers.

My conclusions: I have decided that this solution is not right for a face wash for me (though I would recommend it to others-I simply just don't have time to sit while washing my face), but that I will continue to use it as my eye make-up remover.

If you're looking to try a new face wash or eye make-up remover that is super frugal, give this one a shot!

I found the original recipe, instructions, and oil cleansing info HERE.  Check it out if you want more info on oil cleansing!  


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