Thursday, October 11, 2012

And the Craziness Continues...

As if 1 year olds climbing on my table, 3 year olds sticking metal in a light socket, and a long week at work weren't enough....

Zoe got stung behind her ear by a wasp today.  Sigh.  My poor girl.  She was so tough and brave.  Me?  Not so much.  I danced around like a fool while quickly smacking that wasp out of her hair, and then ran inside to get her some Benadryl "just in case" (my dad has crazy bee allergies.  Are wasps in the same vain of allergies?  Or are they different?  Note to self-Google that.).  No reaction.  Minor swelling. Thank you, Jesus.

On another note, Ellie has almost mastered riding her bike without training wheels.  And tying her shoes.  She will be 5 this month, and I'm pretty sure she's "grown up" more this month than I'd like to admit.  But she is beautiful and brilliant and so much fun.

Who knew parenting would be so full of chaos and fun and excitement and freaking out and wonder all at the same time?

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