Thursday, May 9, 2013

Kitchen Island Creation Part 1

If you have "liked" the Mothering with Creativity page on Facebook, you will already have seen these pics and know what we're up to in our kitchen!  It's a perk of being a fan on FB ;)  If you haven't "liked" the page yet, you really should!  I often post pictures, articles, questions, and more JUST on the FB page for my "likers".  You can "like" it by clicking the "like" button in the Facebook box on the upper right hand side of my blog page.  See it?  Click it!  Easy, right?

Moving on.  Due to some kitchen mishaps (including a fridge that is freezing all our food and little to no counter space), we have dreamt up making our own kitchen island.  I pitched the idea to Ben, and he not only liked it, but began searching with me on Craigslist for an old furniture piece to use!  This was very exciting as Ben doesn't usually participate in these projects with me :) I'm loving it!  

We stumbled upon this beautiful, solid wood, seemingly hand-made armoire on Craigslist for $50.  We got it $40.  A little more than I was hoping to pay, but it was PERFECT!  We love the older look, the character, even the wrought iron pulls and hinges! 

Ben chopped the top off of the armoire.  Turns out it is the perfect kitchen counter height!  

Next he caulked all of the small little cracks in the piece.  It seems this was hand made (and old) and so some of the slats of wood were just very evident.  He caulked them so that they will not show once it's painted.

The back had some very large cracks.  He cut strips of foam from something we found in our garage and stuffed them in there.  Then, he filled in the remaining bits with wood filler.  

He bought a massive tub of wood filler for $12. 
I told him we'd only need the small tub for $6.  
He barely used any of the tub he bought.  
I tried not to smile when he said he was done. 
He knew I was right, but I didn't say anything :)

I went and sold some baby clothes at a local consignment shop this week.  I got $21, which I turned around and used to buy a quart of primer/paint and a couple supplies.  There's a picture on my Facebook page, but it isn't super accurate.  It's kinda a dark blue color.  After it is painted, we will sand down some of the edges and wash it with a Valspar Antique Glaze.  Ooooo....I'm so excited.

But, we still have to sand the whole thing to prep it for paint.  And I have to paint it.

We also scored the plywood for the top for FREE, saving us $18.  We are still on the hunt for some cheap granite for the top.  Wish us luck!

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