Monday, June 10, 2013

Butterfly Garden Cheap on Amazon!

A couple weeks ago, we received our painted lady caterpillars in the mail.  They were tiny!  We watched them eat and eat and eat, and before long, there were five little chrysalides hanging from the top of the food jar.  After transferring them to the butterfly garden and waiting a few more days, the kiddos were amazed to watch the butterflies emerge and learn to fly.  We released them just in time, as two of them had begun a mating session and I was not quite yet ready to explain that to the children ;)

So, now they're gone.  Sad.  But, I was super excited to see that Amazon had the butterfly garden on sale for just $12.99 (with free Prime shipping)!  Basically how it works, is you buy the butterfly garden, and when you are ready for the caterpillars, you enter in your coupon code online, pay $5 shipping, and your caterpillars will be shipped to you.  I will be buying this one now since it's on sale and saving it for next spring to do with the kids again.

This is such a fun science experiment and there are so many great crafts to go with it.  I will post a theme lesson full of crafts in the near future.  While you're on Amazon checking out the Butterfly garden, be sure to check out these butterfly books, too!

One of our favorite authors 

Another great book is this Cat in the Hat one: 

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