Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Holy Parenting: Free Kindle Copy


So, I'll be totally honest with you.  I do suggest you go and download this book (Holy Parenting) right now, especially since it's free for your kindle/ipad/whatever you have.  However, I want you to know my opinion of this book.

I LOVE love loved the beginning of this book.  I think every mom and parent struggling to figure out how to balance parenthood/jobs/exhaustion from those things with your relationship with God should pick up this book.  It is really great, encouraging, and helps you shake off the guilt that so often comes for so many moms as we struggle to figure out how to make our relationship with God a priority in the midst of the chaos of raising small humans.  What does/can that even look like?  I think this book tackles that topic very well. 

That being said, I stopped reading this book about 2/3 of the way through.  That's totally not something I would normally do, however as the book progressed, I felt more like the author was just trying to find stuff to write about to make a long book, and I found I disagreed with some of the things he was saying (usually not a big deal, but the combo of the two bugged me enough to stop reading).  

I'm not saying you can't read the whole book, I'm just saying I didn't and wouldn't.  BUT, I do love the first half, maybe a bit more of the book.  Since it's free, I'm suggesting you pick up a copy!   If you have read it, or do decide to read it, stop back here and let me know what you thought!

Please note that as of this post, the kindle price for this book is free.  However, this does change, so be sure to check the price before purchasing the book!

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