Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Sensory Play: Colored Heart Ice Cubes

Last year, I bought this really cute silicone heart ice cube mold for $1.  I stuffed it away into my Valentine's tub to use this year.  Since we're now approaching Valentine's (my most favorite holiday of the year), it was time to pull out all the hearts!  This week, I decided to use the mold to make colored ice cubes.  So much sensory fun!

I filled the tray with water and different food coloring drops, and then let them freeze.  Easy enough, right?!

My little guy really enjoyed playing with these in a shallow dish of water.  They melt pretty quickly, and the coloring mixes into the water.  I showed him how to scoop ice cubes in and out using a little spoon, and he happily copied me (great fine motor practice!).  You could also let your little ones play with them in a dish without water, which would allow them to melt at a slower pace, though as a warning, the dye does melt off into their hands, so having some water nearby to rinse off their hands is a good idea.

You can use these to talk about colors mixing (what would happen if we let a blue and red heart melt together?). Or watch and see how the ice cubes change shape (how long will our ice stay in the shape of a heart?).  Or figure out if certain colors (or lack thereof) make an ice cube melt faster than another.  And of course, ice is COLD, which is always fun to touch and play with :)

Happy Valentine's Day!

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