Sunday, October 16, 2011

A Change of Pace

My life is going to change a bit this week.  I used to be the director/teacher at our church preschool.  I quit over a year ago so that I could stay at home with my then 2 1/2 year old and 10 month old girls.  I have since had another child, a boy, and have still been at home with them.  Out of a financial necessity, I will be going back to work this week as the kindergarten teacher at the same school.  I am kinda excited, though I do have some feelings of sadness and disappointment that I will not be with my kids as much (then again, maybe that will be a good thing).  The baby will be with my husband, Ben, while I work.  I know and trust that God has a perfect plan laid out for us, and I am okay not exactly knowing what that looks like yet.  I do know that right now I am to work outside of my home.  And so...Change.

I do a lot with my kids during the week.  I am feeling a little bit of pressure to reorganize and better prepare my weekly plans so that everything runs smoother.  Afterall, I will have 20 less hours to do what I normally do.  So, here is this weeks dinner menu, as well as our afternoon baking schedule.  I am aiming for easy dinners (crock pot).  I will provide recipe links either here, or later this week when I make the different items.

Monday:  *Dinner: Stuffed Bell Peppers (using leftover "stuffing" frozen from last week)
                * Make Chocolate Chip Banana Muffins for breakfasts
                 *Make homemade granola bars
                 *Bake 2 pumpkins for pumpkin puree
Tuesday: *Crockpot: Black Bean & Salsa Chicken-use in tacos
                *Bake Pumpkin Dog Treats
Wednesday: *Crockpot: Chili,  cornbread
                     *Make homemade nutrigrain bars
Thursday:  We eat at youth group on Thursdays
Friday:  *Taco Salads
              *Make avacado puree for babyfood (avacados are on sale at SaveMart through Tuesday for $.50.  Since I plan on this being Aaron's first food, and I make all of my own baby food, I figured I'd make and freeze it while it's cheap-ish.  I'll have more on making your own baby food at a later date)

Lists and plans make me feel happy.  Do you have any special recipes you are going to be trying this week?


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  2. Sorry...tried to post, didn't work so I deleted part of it and tried again. What I wanted to say was you are an amazing woman and are setting a wonderful example to your generation Jessica! God Bless you...hugs and love!



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