Sunday, May 27, 2012

Graduation crafts

It's almost that time of year again...graduation!  Whether you're a teacher or a mom of little ones, you can use this craft!  Each year for my preschooler or kindergarten graduation, we make graduation hats for the kids to wear.  They are really easy.  If you don't have a graduating kid, this can be used for dress up as your children play, or as they watch an older friend graduate from high school or college!

Graduation Hats

You will need 2 sheets of construction paper, any colors, and a little bit of yarn and tape.  Cut the first sheet of paper lengthwise in half.  Tape the ends together to fit your child's head (this is the band that sits on their head).   Trim down the second sheet of paper to make a perfect square (this is the top).  Cut 5 pieces of yarn into 8" strips.  Fold the pieces in half, and tie a knot toward the middle, leaving space for a little loop (see the above picture).  Thread a 12" piece of yarn through the loop and tie it in a knot. Poke a hole in the center of the square piece of paper.  Thread the yarn through the hole and tape the end to the other side (see below picture).

Use tape to connect the paper band to the square.  You can tape on both the inside and out side of the band.  Voila!  You have yourself a graduation hat!

Graduation Craft

These are some graduation people that my Kindergarteners made this last week.  Using the same yarn technique as above, and paper cut out into a hat shape, and a shirt shape, have your child glue the pieces onto a large piece of paper.  Then, have your child draw a picture of themselves onto the paper. Super simple and cute!  I love seeing the kids draw pictures of themselves.

Check out my graduation cap cookies HERE!



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