Monday, October 17, 2011

"Hand"made Leaf Wreaths

Here is a fun fall craft you can do with your kids.  You will need:

Brown, red, orange, green, and yellow construction paper
Pen or pencil

Are you out of construction paper?  Add an extra step to your project by starting with plain white printer paper and having your kids color with brown, red, orange, green, and yellow crayons (I would save the coloring for the end, but you could have your kids start with the coloring if you want).

First, trace your child's hand onto the paper.  Repeat several times.  If your child is old enough, have them use the scissors to cut out their traced hands (I usually let kids 3 years and older give it a shot-it's excellent fine motor skills practice).  If needed, help your child cut out their hands (to save time, stack a few pages together and cut out multiple hands at once).
Added optional step:  Go outside and collect some leaves with your child.  Crumple the leaves into a bowl.  Have your child glue the leaf crumbs to their traced hands.

Now, you will need a round wreath-like frame.  You can cut one out of a piece of paper, or, if you have a paper plate at home, simply cut out the middle section of the plate (this is the sturdier option).

Lastly, have your child glue their hands onto the circle.

Let it dry and hang it with tape or string!

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