Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Life and a Sick Baby

My poor little 2 year old is sick.  I had a feeling something was up when she complained about the cold this morning.  She is my warm blooded baby, and I don't know that I had ever heard her complain about the cold before.  By the time her preschool class was 15 minutes into lunch, her teacher brought her to me saying "she fell asleep while eating her lunch, and she didn't want to eat her cupcake."  Yep, she was sick.

My dinner plan for tonight fell through since I was taking care of the sick one, and we decided to let Ellie choose a take-out dinner option since it's her "birthday week".  She chose Bully's wings...she's definitely a part of the Locke family.  Two orders of Teriyaki wings, 15 minutes, and 24 dollars later (ouch), we were licking our fingers while sitting around the living room coffee table (Zoe was snuggled up on the couch).  Of course, you can't eat in the living room without knowing that a child will probably drop something on the ground; usually the messiest thing ends up on the carpet.  Whatever.  I will take the stain any day if it means not leaving a sick child to sit alone in the living room.  She is way more important.

Two kids are sleeping, one to go.  Then, to clean.  Maybe someday I'll be able to afford a maid.  Until then, I'll just go sweep and mop the floor that my kids are going to spill on first thing in the morning.  Sigh.  It's a beautiful life.  And I'm glad it's mine. 

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