Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Wednesday Came and Went

Today was my first "official" day back to work part-time.  It is a strange feeling to leave my baby boy, but knowing he is with his daddy makes it better.  I was surprised at how much I didn't miss him, but then I felt bad because I think I'm supposed to miss him.  I have been fighting off the thoughts that "good" moms would miss their kids.  Maybe, though, Jesus has prepared me for a season where I won't get to see my kids 24 hours a day.  Maybe having a small break from my kids each day will give me more patience with them and help me to value our time together even more.   Maybe he is giving me grace to not only make it through this season, but to have fun in it.  Maybe God knows what He's doing ;)  Yeah, I vote for that.  All that being said, I was overjoyed to pick up my baby boy when my day was done.   He was all smiles, and so was I.

Kindergarten is startlingly different than preschool; I was not expecting that.  I think it will be a fun school year.   I managed to get everyone a lunch, make a caramel mocha latte, and get chili made in the crockpot before heading out the door this morning.  I also managed an afternoon "oh my goodness, we're out of peanut butter?" run to the store this afternoon for my husband.  While there, I thought I'd grab a few more pie pumpkins to cook up this week, afterall, the organic ones were advertised at 2 for $3!  They rang up at just $.79 each, and when I informed the cashier of their proper name and price, I was told, "you get it cheaper this way", like I was dumb for clarifying their mistake in entering the correct code.  Whatever.  Score for me!  My kids were then ridiculously disobedient from the time we left the cashier to the time we (finally) made it to my car.  That is always irritating.  Having three kids (one still being a baby) makes managing such craziness in that kind of situation much more difficult.  The stares from people driving by don't help either (though on the way in, when my kids were being well-behaved, a little old lady rolled down her window to tell me "bless your little family" sweet).  We made it home, I pulled out a pumpkin that had been cooking in my oven, and I made a batch of cornbread.  It is amazing how much better cornbread tastes when you make it from scratch.  Then again, I think everything tastes better from scratch.  My chili finished up, and I threw the pumpkin seeds into the oven with a little oil and salt.  I didn't get around to making my nutrigrain bars today :(  Maybe I can fit them in on Friday.  I am putting forth a greater effort at utilizing my time better so I can accomplish more.  Day 1 went pretty well.  Day 2, here I come! 

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