Friday, January 27, 2012

Candy Balls (Fruit & Nut Balls)

This is a super yummy, super easy and healthy treat that you can whip up in no time!  My 2 year old loves them, my 4 year old does not (though she refuses to try one!).  We had some friends over, and Colby, who really enjoyed them, called them "candy balls".  And so that is now their "official" name :) They are sweet and tasty!  I hope you like them too!

All you will need is a food processor, nuts, dried fruit, and sesame seeds.

Candy Balls (Fruit & Nut Balls):

In a food processor, pour in 1 1/2-2 cups nuts.  They can be any kind, a variety of types, or all the same.  Whatever nuts you like, use those!  Turn it on until they well crushed and in little tiny pieces.  Remove and place in a bowl.

Now, pour 3 cups dried fruit.  As with the nuts, these can be any kind, a variety, or all the same.  I would suggest, however, at least 2 different types of fruit.  We've done cranberries, raisins, dates, mango, papaya, and pineapple for some of ours.  My sister in law tried all apricots and said that they were too overpowering, FYI.  Turn on the processor and pulse until they, too, are in small pieces.

Pour the fruit into the nut bowl.  Mix well with your hands.  Begin to form small balls out of the mixture.  If it seems crumbly, you can either add more dried fruit or a little bit of water.  The water works quite well, though, so I'd try that first (just a little at a time).  Once you can make balls that stick together pretty well, roll the balls in sesame seeds.

Store in the fridge.

Note: You can easily lessen this amount of fruits and nuts if you want to make a smaller batch.  You will, however, want to have more fruit than nuts as the fruit is what makes it all stick together.

Another Note: You can also add a dash of cinnamon, and some sea salt, too, if your nuts were unsalted!

Another thought: You could also pour this mixture into a small pan and make bars!  Let them sit in the fridge for a bit before cutting them into bars.

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