Sunday, January 22, 2012

Felt Bananas

I know this week's Fun Felt Friday idea is 2 days late.  I thought that I'd go ahead and get it posted even though it was late, though.  This week, I thought it might be fun to add some new fruit to the Apple Tree I showed you two weeks ago.  How about some bananas? 

Like most other felt projects, this is super cheap and easy.  You will just need a sheet of yellow felt (will cost you less than $.25), and either some brown puffy paint or a brown marker (like a Sharpie).  I used a pen to free-hand the shape of a banana.  Don't forget a little stem!  Cut it out with some sharp scissors, and then use that as your "tracer" if you want them all uniform in shape-they certainly don't have to be, though.  Cut out as many bananas as you would like.  Then, use your puffy paint or marker to create little lines or spots (just like on a real banana).  I also put puffy paint on the stems of my bananas.  Let them dry.  Enjoy!

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