Friday, February 24, 2012


Today is a day of celebration.  A day of thanking God for his continued provision.  A day of celebrating new things to come.  A day that we've been dreaming about, and thanking God in advance for.  Today, Ben got a job!  A real job!  I am so excited.  He starts Monday.

We now have the this logistical issue of figuring out what to do with Aaron while I work in the mornings.  A while ago, when I felt that God was telling me to get a job, I had a very hard time with "letting go" of Aaron's care in the morning.  He was with daddy, which was good, but he wouldn't take a bottle.  I was telling God one day that "if only Aaron would take a bottle, I would be okay with all of 'this'".  God spoke very clearly to me that if He provided a job for me,  He would also provide for all the little things that go with having a job (like my baby being fed).  That afternoon, Aaron took a bottle for the first time. 

Here we are now, 4 months later.  I am choosing to not freak out.  To not doubt, worry, or fear.  I believe that with God's provision in our jobs, He will also provide someone to care for our little man.  I am praying for "no guilt", as we've never had anyone else care for any of our children before.  It's not ideal, but I know that it'll be okay.  God cares more about my family than I do, so I guess I'm at a spot where I just need to trust Him for everything. 

And now, back to celebrating!  I'm not sure what we'll do to celebrate tonight, but we'll have to do something!  Yep. 


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