Tuesday, February 7, 2012

How to Make Your Own Liquid Hand Soap

Making your own liquid hand soap is easy and cheap!  Try this frugal option next time you are about to run out of soap!  

First, grate 1 bar of soap.  I used Yardley brand (4.25 oz) in Lemon Verbena Scent.  You will need ONLY 1 cup of finely grated soap.  I didn't use all of the bar, so I just saved the extra in a plastic bag for next time.  This cost me about $1.75 at Smith's.

You will also need 1 TBS liquid Glycerin.  Glycerin can be found in 1 of 3 places-the suppositories section, behind the pharmacy counter, or in the first aid section (band-aid section).  In there was ever any doubt, you do not want to buy Glycerin suppositories!  :)  This is what it looks like:

This 6 oz. bottle of Glycerin cost me about $3 at Walmart (found it in the first aid section).  Since you only need 1 TBS per batch, this will last through approximately 12 batches of soap.  That means that it costs about $.25 per batch for the Glycerin.

Lastly, you will need 10 cups of water.

Place all three ingredients in a pot and turn to medium-low heat and begin stirring.  Cook until the soap completely melts into the mixture, stirring occasionally.  I cooked for probably 3-5 minutes, though it may go faster/slower depending on your soap & stove heat.  Turn off the heat and let it cool to room temperature. 

I was a little concerned that it was so liquid-y.  I read that blending might help, but that seemed weird to me.  I did go grab my new turbo frother (yay Ross!), and mixed up the mixture a bit.  It bubbled (as soap does).  I did this three separate times over the course of the next half hour.  It was still liquid-y.  I went to go eat dinner with my family, and by the time we were done, the mixture had firmed up significantly.  Maybe the frothing (mixing) helped, maybe I just needed to be patient.  I then poured some into my empty soap dispensers and put the rest in an empty gallon jug.

For about $2, and with very little effort, I made a little over a half gallon of liquid hand soap (approx. 2 1/2 quarts).  That will last a very long time!  



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