Monday, February 6, 2012

Tape & Sharpie-Pantry Organization

If you have some of this:
And a sharpie, you can do some serious pantry organization without spending any money!  Here are a couple ideas:

All those tea boxes crowding up your shelf space?  Tape them to a wall!  They are so light that tape holds them quite well (if you wanted, you could staple our nail the boxes, but it really is not necessary).  The best part about tape is that when the box runs out, you can just rip it off the wall and throw it away! 

To make grabbing your teas easier, you can cut the tops of the boxes off.  OR you can cut "dispensing" slats at the bottom if the box does not already have one.  The above is our pantry wall.  You can see that we've hung our teas, Crystal Light containers, and hot cocoa containers up there.  We also hang a plastic grocery bag by a nail to hold all of the other plastic grocery bags!

Have some containers?  Label them!  Labels make me happy ;)
Since we buy most of our stuff in bulk, I bought these great containers (Snapware brand) from Ross (originally tagged from Crate & Barrel!).  While I bought most of these 6 months ago, Ross does still sell them (I bought another one a couple days ago, in fact!).  If you don't want to buy containers, or if you need containers for smaller items, recycle empty containers.  I.e. pasta sauce jars, tea mix jars, peanut jars, etc. -anything works!

I also utilize a nail in our pantry to hang aprons out-of-sight.

Do you have any other pantry organization ideas?  Share them with me in the comments section!

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