Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Graduation Cap Cookies

Here's another Dollar Store graduation idea for you.  Everything you will need for this treat can be found at the Dollar Store!  I made them today for my kindergarten class that will be graduating tomorrow!  

You will need: 1 package of square chocolate covered cookies, 1-2 packages mini Reese's peanut butter cups, 1 tub of chocolate frosting, and 1 package of sour patch string candies. 

Remove the wrappers off of the Reese's.  Place them upside down on a tray.  Add a dollop of frosting, top with a square cookie.  Cut the Sour strips into thirds.  Add another dollop of frosting to the top of the square cookie.  Place one piece of the candy strip on top.  You've got yourself a candy graduation cap!

Note:  The Sour Patch strips that I used were round, and therefore, stiffer.  If you can find a candy that is smaller or flatter and more pliable, you may be able to get your "tassel" to actually hang over the edge.  Mine kinda stick straight out.  Whatever.  The kids won't care ;)

Serve them as is, or use them as a topper for a cupcake!

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