Saturday, June 16, 2012

Cursive-y Fonts and My Do-It-Myself Issue

I really, really, really, hate cursive-y, fancy fonts on blogs.  I just do.  I think it's hard to read.

Why, then, you might wonder, is my blog pasted with cursive-y font?

Well, let me tell you.

I have this problem.  I really like to figure things out.  Like, at their most basic level.  So, when it's time to insert a particular program or other "thing" into my blog, I like to watch/read tutorials online, and then mess with the html myself.  When those warnings pop up that say something like "only a professional who knows what they're doing should mess with the html; are you sure you want to proceed and risk messing up your whole blog?" (paraphrased), I click "continue".

Now I have cursive-y font.  But, hey, the program I installed is up and running ;)  So, I must've done something right.

If you are one of those so called "professionals" and would like to give me a hand in erasing the cursive-y font (and the plain white template on phone versions), please drop me a note.  I would be grateful.

Update 6/17: After pushing lots of different buttons, I seem to have "fixed" my problem.  And by "fixed" I mean "this is not the font I want to use, but at least it's not cursive and I can actually read my blog again".  ;)


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