Saturday, June 16, 2012

Cursive-y Fonts and My Do-It-Myself Issue

I really, really, really, hate cursive-y, fancy fonts on blogs.  I just do.  I think it's hard to read.

Why, then, you might wonder, is my blog pasted with cursive-y font?

Well, let me tell you.

I have this problem.  I really like to figure things out.  Like, at their most basic level.  So, when it's time to insert a particular program or other "thing" into my blog, I like to watch/read tutorials online, and then mess with the html myself.  When those warnings pop up that say something like "only a professional who knows what they're doing should mess with the html; are you sure you want to proceed and risk messing up your whole blog?" (paraphrased), I click "continue".

Now I have cursive-y font.  But, hey, the program I installed is up and running ;)  So, I must've done something right.

If you are one of those so called "professionals" and would like to give me a hand in erasing the cursive-y font (and the plain white template on phone versions), please drop me a note.  I would be grateful.

Update 6/17: After pushing lots of different buttons, I seem to have "fixed" my problem.  And by "fixed" I mean "this is not the font I want to use, but at least it's not cursive and I can actually read my blog again".  ;)


  1. Natalie said you needed help and well, I am here for ya as much as I can be cause that's what friends are for. "Keep smiling... Keep Shining.".. ok wait no... moving on... the first thing we need to figure out is if you are using the old blogger format or the new?
    Get back to me on that one and will discuss.

  2. Thanks friend! So, I'm using the new blogger. I have a watermark template. Here's what I did: On my dashboard, I went to "template" then "edit html". At the warning label, I clicked continue ;) I inserted my blogger analytics html code into the html at what I'm pretty positive was the correct spot because it is running properly. Now, the only thing I'm curious about is that because it is a newer template, the html already had a reference to GA within it. I'm wondering if it actually needed to go in a slightly different spot because of this? Maybe we should just talk on the phone. This is too confusing. ;)

  3. We can totally talk on the phone and I will walk your through the font issue. It's easy now for me on the new blogger is should just be right where your post is the line as where you click the lil square to put pictures in your post has the font choices right there. Every post can be a different font. It took me and Shontell several attempts to get the size right. Because at first both our sizes were wayyyyyy too small to read. BTW I love the new layot. :) And I will switch your button now.

  4. Yeah, that kind of font (per post, as posting) was not an issue. It was actually the only thing I was not having an issue with ;) I was having as issue with the blog font as a whole-title, tabs, headers, etc. I talked with Dave about it yesterday (he was all crazy and got online to view all of the html coding). Certain browsers weren't able to recognize the fonts (firefox appeared fine) and were defaulting to a cursive font (which must've been written into the coding somewhere). I changed the template and kept previewing different fonts until I found fonts that stayed consistent regardless of browser. The strange thing, though, is that I had always used the other font and had never seen it in cursive before on any browser. So weird. Oh well, I like this template better anyway ;) I just wish I could use a cuter font without it going all nutty on me!

  5. Haha! You're officially a techie! Just look for patterns, try things until they work, and when all else fails, ask Google or your online buddies! ;)



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