Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Fugal Fun: Crayon Melting Board

So I've seen these beautiful crayon meltings on Pinterest many a time.  I thought that it would be a fun, simple and frugal fun activity for today!  All you need is a foam board (you can get a big one at the Dollar Store), hot glue (Dollar store), and a box of crayons (I stocked up last year @ $.05 a box).  You will also need a heat source, such as a hair dryer.

Use hot glue to attach your crayons to the top of your board.  You can do a particular order, particular color scheme, etc. (I mostly did this part, though they handed me the crayons)

Plug in your hairdryer and heat the crayons.

When the wax starts melting and spattering all over, move yourselves outside. :)

These crayons melted REALLY quick.  I wonder if a brand such as Crayola would melt thicker/slower, etc.  I also had the hair dryer on High.  I would recommend low.

Once the crayons melt down as far as you'd like, turn off the heat and lie the board flat.

The girls thought that this was the coolest thing ever!  We are going to trim the sides of the board some more and then hang it in their room.


  1. I have seen these on Pinterest and I just think they are so awesome. How fun!! Your girlies are so dang cute. Look how proud of themselves they are. I bet using the blow dryer was a special treat from them.

  2. I want to use a white crayon and write something first, like an Easter egg, and see if the wax will pass over it. It would be so cute to do a teacher's name. Like mine.

  3. That sounds like fun! Let me know if it works. I would think, though, that it, too, would just melt away with the heat of the dryer or the heat of the other melted wax running over it.



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