Tuesday, July 24, 2012

My First Wood Project

Today I tackled something new: wood.  I have several vegetable plants in pots that are starting to go downhill due to the lack of space.  And although this new house has some great planting spaces, the massive trees keep those spaces in the shade much of the day.  This does not work well for my "full sun" plants.  

So, I took my family to Home Depot the other day to get wood.  Have you ever tried to navigate that place with three kids, a husband on crutches, and wood?  Yeah.  Don't try it.  Your welcome for the advice.  I had them make a few cuts to my plywood on site so that it would fit in my car and save me a few cuts.

Today after our trip to the park, the kids were all pretty mellow and so I decided to begin my project.  I will just say, that although I LOVE using the circular saw (I feel all woman-power and such), I HATE the loud noise.  So, I saved myself some cuts and just left the sides taller than the front/back.  Lame, I know, but I figured I could probably use it anyway for several things: 1) To help certain plants "climb"  2) To mark out where certain plants are located and 3) To tie a covering to when we have bad weather in the fall/early spring.  I'm thinking I could even make a "green house" of sorts...I'm sure there's a pin on Pinterest for that ;)  

It is 2x6 feet and about 16 1/2" high (3 fence boards high).  I am now in search of soil (free if possible) to fill it.  Yay!  I'm feeling pretty proud of myself!

As an update from yesterday:

I tackled *almost* everything on my list.  As soon as I published the post and said how excited I was to see Ben at lunch, he texted to say they are crazy busy and they all have to work through lunches this week to get stuff out.  When that happens, they cater food = happy Ben ;)  So, I made some donuts to bring to his office.  

I didn't get to the kids bathroom yesterday, which turned out to be a good thing because they played in the dirt with grammy while I was at my hair appointment and there was dirt all over the toilet and the door.  I cleaned it this morning instead.  

I also didn't get to the garage, but I did work on it today and made a ton of progress!  


  1. Jess I am so proud of you. Really this is so great. I wish I was more hands on in the wood and building department.

  2. Ooh loverly! I love powertools and wood working. That's all my husband bought me for a while. Glad he has moved on to jewelry, but with all the projects I have going for my new house, I am stoked to get to use all those boys. I don't think I have ever used the circular saw alone. You are woman.

  3. Thanks, Noel!

    Shontell, I love that your husband bought YOU tools. So great!

  4. Is that a hint for a birthday gift? We can get you a pink tool belt with flowers on it. Who makes that kind of thing? My mama would be super proud of you, Jenny, and Joni with all of your creative talent! She did things like you all do . . .

  5. Great job on your first wood project! It's always an adventure navigating places like Home Depot with a full crew in tow – your advice is duly noted. Your resourceful approach to adapting the plywood's dimensions to fit your car and needs showcases your practical thinking.



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