Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Disneyland on a Dime-Tickets from Costco

We love Disneyland.  Our family goal is to get there every December around Christmas time (beautiful!).  Last year our Disney savings was funneled to something more important (like a house payment), but this year our Disney savings is going to get us there for sure!  We've begun the booking/deal searching phase, so I'll share those highlights with you here.


I booked our hotel using our air miles this week.  It took calling United 5 separate times, 2 disconnections, several wrong transfers, and an hour and 15 minutes, but I got our room for FREE!

Total savings by using air miles to pay for our hotel:  $720
Total savings by booking a hotel with included cooked-to-order breakfast: $100+


Disneyland tickets never go on sale.  Never.  3 Day Park Hoppers for adults run $250, kids are $235.  Ouch!

A friend informed me of a fantastic Costco deal she found yesterday, so we quickly ran to the bank to grab our Disney savings, and headed out to Costco ASAP.

Costco is selling 4 Day Park Hopper tickets for $259.99, and they INCLUDE a $50 Costco cash card!!!!  So, it's like getting the tickets for $209.99 (not to mention the extra day).  Here's what we did:

*Bought three tickets = $779.97
*Went to the Merchandise Pickup line and got our tickets and Costco cash cards
*Got back in line
*Bought our fourth ticket.  Paid for the first $150 of it using the gift cards.  Paid $109.99 cash.
*Left with a $50 Costco cash card and our 4 Disney Tickets

Total Savings by buying our tickets at Costco (after gift card):  $130.04 (plus we get a free day!)

So, after booking just our hotel with air miles and purchasing our tickets at Costco, we have already saved ourselves $950.04!!!  That is a HUGE savings, don't you think?

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