Sunday, January 20, 2013

Menu Plan 1/20-1/26

Here is this week's menu plan for our family:

Crock pot BBQ Pulled Chicken (on hot dog buns): This is an easy recipe because it used the crock pot! My favorite!  In a 3 qt. crock pot, I dump a package of chicken thighs, and 1 cup BBQ sauce.  I cook on high for 4 hours.  Shred with a fork towards the end.  Serve on hot dog buns (defrosted from the freezer).

Twice Baked Taco Potatoes:  I used this recipe HERE.  Everyone but Ellie enjoyed them.  I made a double batch, and individually wrapped the leftovers with aluminum foil, bagged into a Ziploc, and froze for another day.  Two meals in one!  Score!

Lentil Tacos:  Seriously, I love these.  And they are healthy and cheap, too, which is why they make it on to our menu almost every week.  Plus I have a big bag of corn tortillas from Costco, so I'm trying to use them up.  I'll freeze some of them into Ziploc bags later this week.

Stuffed Bell Peppers:  I'll try to post our stuffed bell peppers recipe this week.  I have cooked ground beef as well as pasta sauce in my freezer that I'll use for this recipe.

Pizza: I will use frozen sauce, a homemade dough, and the remaining peppers, mushrooms, and zucchini in my fridge.  I also have mozzarella in my fridge already, so I'll use that up.  I may use some cooked chicken from my freezer, too.

Tacos/Taco Salad:  I'll be using lettuce, cooked taco meat from the freezer, shredded cheddar cheese, tomatoes, homemade refried beans, corn tortillas (folded and fried on the stove into crunchy shells), sour cream and salsa.

Tomato Soup & Grilled Cheese:  Last time I made tomato soup, I froze half the batch.  So, I'll be using that this week to make one of my days a little easier on myself.  I'll make fresh bread for the grilled cheese sandwiches.

Chipotle Fajitas:  I'll use cooked chicken from my freezer and season them with a Pampered Chef Chipotle seasoning.  I'll use the corn tortillas, sour cream, grilled onions, grilled bell peppers, grilled mushrooms, and salsa.

I somehow have everything listed above on hand.  I have gone to the store twice in the last two weeks, and have only had to buy produce, lentils, black beans, and a 25 lb bag of oats.  I have spent less than $70 on groceries over the last two weeks.  It pays to buy in bulk at lower prices, stock up when items are at a low cost, and freeze extras and leftovers!  It also helps to double recipes and freeze half for a later date (known as "freezer cooking").  It saves time and money!

What's on your menu this week?

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