Monday, April 22, 2013

Earth Day "Earth" Craft

It has been such a beautiful day today that we decided to do our "Earth" craft for Earth Day outside!  For this super simple craft, you will need:

1 large blue circle
1/3 of a page of green paper
glue stick

We intentionally used scrap paper with words on the back for this project so we could talk about re-using items to prevent waste!

What to do:
Start by having your child tear the green paper into small pieces.

Next, have them use the glue stick to glue the green paper onto the blue circle.  Younger kids will just glue them wherever, but older kids can be encouraged to try and make it look like an accurate picture of Earth.

They turned out pretty cute!  Such a simple and easy craft to do for Earth Day!  We pulled up a photo of Earth on my phone so that they could have a reference point for this craft, too, which may be helpful if you have younger children who are still unfamiliar with what the Earth is ;)

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