Friday, April 26, 2013

Frozen Yogurt Bites

As I was cleaning up my "drafts" section in my blog, I came across this recipe experiment from Pinterest that I had tried over a year ago but never published.  This is why I'm working to be more organized!  Here it is:

I stumbled across a yummy and easy idea on Pinterest a while back that I wanted to try.  Frozen yogurt bites for my kiddos (oh, okay, and me too!).   All you need is yogurt!  You can do this with any kind of flavored yogurt.  I only had plain on hand, so I made my own flavor.  I mixed plain yogurt with a bit of strawberry preserves (the strawberry chunks got in the way, but again, it's just what I had on hand...avoid preserves if possible), and a touch of agave nectar to sweeten it.

Scoop your yogurt into ziploc bag.  

Cut a small corner off of your ziploc bag and begin to squeeze the yogurt into small dots on a plate (I used an 8x8 ceramic dish).  It needs to be able to fit in your freezer.  

Freeze the dots until they are solid, remove them from the plate, and place them in a bag or container to be stored in the fridge until eaten.  Eat them frozen!  My girls thought this was the coolest treat!  It does take work, but it was special and fun, so it was worth it ;)

Have you tried anything new from Pinterest recently?  How'd it turn out?  

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  1. I saw these on pinterest, but didn't want to attempt them after my fruit leather disaster! So glad that you tried them and they work! Do they feel like ice cubes in your mouth or do they melt immediately? I could never get the frozen yogurt recipe to work, but I might try these.

    Do you take requests? How about you try the fruit snacks on pinterest? :)

  2. I've never had any luck with fruit leather, either, Jenny! I can NEVER get it off the paper, no matter what I try! They melt quickly in your mouth. I actually gave my kids a small bowl and spoon to eat them with because as soon as they get them in their hands they start to melt. So yummy. I have always wanted to try fruit snacks, so maybe ;)



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