Tuesday, April 9, 2013

The Five Love Languages of Children: Online Book Study, Week 2

Ah!  I just love this book.  Like, really, really, love this book.

If you're just joining us for the first time, here's what's going on:

  1. I'm hosting a Monday night book study at a local Starbucks with some other moms to discuss this book (and get out from our responsibilities for an hour ;))
  2. Many people wanted to read the book but either couldn't do Monday nights, or didn't live anywhere near me!  So, this is an "online book study".  Fun, huh?  You can leave comments, ask questions, share what you found insightful/challenging, etc. 
So, we're on to Physical Touch.  What a great chapter!  I am not a physical touch, nor is my husband, but we are pretty touchy people, in general.  We hug and kiss and touch our children all the time!  All three of my children love to wrestle with their daddy, and they all love a good back scratch or cuddle.  I've never even considered that my children could primarily be a physical touch (again, the book does say that it is hard to tell with younger children what they are yet, however, different love languages may be more evident at certain times as they grow).  Taking a cue from the book, I asked my girls (separately) if they knew that we loved them.  They both responded "yes".  When I asked them how they knew that we loved them, they both responded "because you hug and kiss me".  That was so interesting to me!  They proof of our love for them was that we hugged and kissed them. 

Something that I've been thinking on for the last couple weeks since starting this book (I'm a little further ahead), is the idea that our kids may not know that we love them (even though we do) if we do not speak their love language enough.  This has been so challenging for me as a mom.  Every mom loves their children, and we naturally assume that our children know we love them, but what if they don't?  What if I'm neglecting a vital "love language" with one of my children and they never fully know that I love them?  Isn't that a scary thought?  It challenges me to really practice all 5 love languages well.

I know that for us, physical touch is a love language that is regularly practiced in our home, which is good.  I'm sure somewhere in the book, though, I'll find a love language that is lacking and more difficult for me to practice.  

Leave any thoughts you may have below, and respond to others as well.  Not sure what to write?  Here are some starter questions:
  • Is physical touch a love language that you practice regularly or is it something that gets overlooked?  
  • If it's easily overlooked, what are some ways that you are going to start incorporating physical touch with your children?
  • If it's one that you practice regularly, what ways do find most natural to show physical touch (i.e. sports, hugging, etc.)
  • Do you believe that physical touch may be one of your child's love languages?  Why?
For next week's online book study conversation, we will be reviewing the next chapter of the book: Words of Affirmation (unless you are coming to the in-person book study, in which case we are reviewing the next TWO chapters).

Thanks for joining us...chat away!

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