Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Crayon File Folder Game

I love file folder games.  Have you ever used them?  My kindergarten students enjoyed pulling them out if they needed a quiet activity or if they were looking for something to do before transitioning to another activity.  I also love that file folders are not just for teachers or homeschoolers, but that you can use them for any child at any time!  Need a few minutes of peace while you finish up dinner?  Pull out some file folders for your kids on the kitchen table to keep them busy instead of the same old "go watch a tv show for a few minutes!"

Since we will be homeschooling in the fall, and I have 3, almost 4 kids, I am definitely going to be utilizing file folders and activity tubs.  When I work with one child, the other two can do file folder games or self-directed activities from numbered tubs.  

And so, I've been working on putting together some file folders for my kids.  This has led me to the conclusion that I do, indeed, need a laminator as there is no way I'm going to spend so much time re-creating all these activities for each child...they need to last through all 4 kiddos!  So for now, I am using packaging tape to "laminate" the pieces, but I will be purchasing a laminator soon!

Today's file folder activity is great for 2-3 year olds (though my 5 year old who clearly knows her colors also enjoyed this folder).  

Print out several copies of a crayon coloring sheet.  I used this one here and made 4 copies.  Color each of the crayons.  I colored mine using markers, and I made 3 each of 8 different colors.  Cut out a small square to match each color using construction paper (or print out colored squares if you have a colored printer).  Write the color name on each piece.

Laminate the crayons.

Tape the squares to the file folder, sealing the bottom and leaving the top open.  

Children can now match up the colored crayons to their appropriate boxes.  

Store crayons in their pockets or in a ziploc baggie inside the file folder to prevent loosing pieces!

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