Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Tomato Caprese Salad Bites

Have you ever had a tomato caprese salad before?  I hadn't until recently and I absolutely fell in love!  So did Ben, which was very odd since he doesn't even like tomatoes.  (Imagine my surprise watching him eat a whole slice of tomato off of the salad at a restaurant!)  Since that beautiful moment, I've been making these salads for Ben and I at hime. 

The other day at snack time, though, I was really wanting to have some, yet didn't want to eat a whole salad for snack (because that would be weird).  And so, I just made a few bite-sized pieces.  It was perfect, easy, and satisfying!  

Tomato Caprese Salad Bites


*Lettuce, chopped into 1-2" slices (can use any kind, but I used romaine)
*Tomatoes, thick sliced and cut into halves (try heirloom if they're in season)
*Whole milk mozzarella, sliced and chopped into bite-sized pieces
*Olive oil
*Balsamic Vinegar


*Layer your "bites" with the lettuce on the bottom, topped with a cheese and tomato slice.  Sprinkle crushed pepper all over the tops to taste.  
*The easiest way to not over-do the oil and vinegar is to mix them together in a separate container or bowl.  I would mix about a 1:3 or 1:4 ratio of oil:vinegar.  Drizzle the mixture over the tops of your bites.  You do not have to pre-mix the oil and vinegar, I just find it easier to control evenness of the two.

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