Wednesday, October 16, 2013

DIY Farmhouse Table and Bench Part 1

You may have seen on the Mothering with Creativity Facebook page that my husband and I have spent the last week building ourselves a new 7' farmhouse table and matching bench.  We have now moved on to the chairs, and are almost completely done with the project!  Just in time for baby #4 to arrive!  Here's a sneak peak of the bench construction.  I will be writing a full post soon with links to tutorials we followed, as well as our tip and things we learned during the process.

Above is the frame for the bench.  Looks simple, doesn't it?  We are not expert wood-workers, and in fact this was our first "from scratch" wood project.

The kids painted rocks in the garage while we assembled the bench. 

Here's a look at the finished bench.  I am LOVING it!  

And now for the table...

Here's the finished built product:

And the almost finished, complete product:

Like I said, we are working on the chairs.  Once it's in my home and set-up, I will add part 2 to this DIY project with pictures, links, and tips.  I'll include the stains and finishing products that I used, as well, in case you want to replicate the look.

I can't believe I just built a table with my husband!  It's been such a fun project!


  1. I have created a rustic table and bench for the garden area but I would opt for the stylish looking Jual desk for the lobby, because it has finesse and it’s impressive.

  2. Wow :)
    This is an incredible collection of ideas!
    Waiting for more helpful pieces.
    You would amazing to read a similar one here-



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