Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Pumpkin Bubble Maps

We are still in that wonderful pumpkin season!  Have you visited a pumpkin patch yet?  We went in mid-October to a new-to-us was so much fun!

My girls created some "Bubble Maps" shortly after their pumpkin patch visit.  Bubble maps are great for organizing thoughts, learning and practicing new vocabulary, and brainstorming ideas.  Simple bubble maps for my girls (4 & 6) involve using words that they associate with the larger idea; in this case, "pumpkin."  They came up with words that they associate with pumpkins, and wrote them down inside "bubbles," which connect to the bubble (or in our case, pumpkin) in the middle.

Some of the words they thought of include:

*paint (they saw painted pumpkins)
* stem, seeds, and skin (parts of the physical pumpkin itself)
*goo (what they felt from their sensory activity last week)
*fall (the season in which they find pumpkins abundant)
*orange (the typical color of pumpkins)

There really is no "wrong" answer for a bubble map!  Ask your kids to write down what they think of when they think about pumpkins...their answers might surprise you!

You can use bubble maps for any variety of topics or themes!  They are lots of fun and easy to create!

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