Thursday, December 19, 2013

Shaving Cream Writing

What child doesn't love a good sensory activity?  Well, maybe my second born, who doesn't exactly enjoy being dirty...which is exactly why sensory activities like this are perfect for her!  There's no mess :)

You will need:

*Shaving cream
*Ziploc bag

Place a good amount of shaving cream inside a Ziploc bag.  Depending on the type of shaving cream used, your child may also get to watch it "change color."  Ours started out blue and changed to white as it was smooshed around.  Once it's nice and mixed, the bag is perfect for practicing letters.  As you press your finger against the bag, the shaving cream will separate and you'll be able to see your lines! 

Practice drawing letters, shapes, and names without ever creating a mess!  



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