Thursday, July 17, 2014

GREAT Deal on Water-Bath Canner from Amazon

I've slowly been learning how to can things.  A month ago, I canned a whole bunch of cherry stuff from the cherries I picked at my mother in law's house.  The only issue was that my biggest pot was not big enough for my largest jars.  And even for my smaller jars, I really couldn't fit that many.  

So I started keeping my eyes open for a water bath canner that didn't cost $50.  Because, frankly, I didn't have $50 to spend.  And then this one popped up on Amazon....for $15!!!  It's currently on sale, and I'm not sure how long that sale will last.  For comparison, this pot is ON SALE at Kohls for $38! So this really is quite a good deal if you are looking for a pot for canning your garden goodies :)  You can find it on Amazon HERE.

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