Thursday, August 14, 2014

Parachute Play Without a Parachute

This week my sister and law and nephews joined me for one of my Kindermusik classes that I taught.  Half way through the class, we were doing an activity that utilizes a parachute and some balls, which, of course, is every child's favorite!  Really, if you've never experienced young children giggling with a parachute, you have been seriously missing out.  Anyway, I don't actually own a parachute, so I use a huge King size flat sheet. 

I got out my sheet for the activity when my sister in law, Jenny, was suddenly so excited.  "What a great idea to use a sheet!  You should totally blog this!"  And so, because I've been seriously lacking in the blogging department lately (my apologies), I said, "of course I should!"  Thus, here we are now. Parachutes can be pricey, and so I highly recommend pulling out a bed sheet to be used as a parachute.

Parachutes are great.  They are fun and versatile.  Here are a few ideas to try when playing with your parachute AKA large bed sheet:

*Baby, momma, and daddy waves...use your hands to shake the sheet to make small, medium, and large sized waves.
*Squat & those gross motor skills as you bring the sheet all the way to the ground in a squat, and then all the way up high in the sky on your tippy toes.
*Directional...pull the sheet out flat and tight as everyone walks to the left, right, center, and back out again.
*Rocket balls in the middle of your sheet and squat down to the ground.  Count backwards-10, 9, 8...blastoff!  Everyone lift the sheet up high on "blastoff" to send your balls high into the sky.
*Bouncing balls...make baby waves, or monster waves with balls in the middle.  How long can you keep the balls on the sheet without them falling off?
*Under the sheet...let a few people under the sheet at a time to enjoy watching the sheet rise and fall.
*Pop the bubbles...everyone sits on the ground and one person sits in the middle of the sheet.  The people around the edges shake the sheet while the person in the middle crawls around and tries to "pop" the bubbles.

Have you ever played with a parachute before?  What games do you like to play with a parachute? 

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