Monday, October 20, 2014

6 Things I Love About Homeschooling

Ever wonder what I think is so great about homeschooling?  Today on the Reno Moms Blog, I'm sharing my top 6 things that I love about homeschooling!  

"Every homeschool person I knew growing up was weird, awkward, or socially inept.  Plus, I went to public school and always really enjoyed it.  So when I had children, the conversations about schooling never came close to “homeschool”.  They were about public vs. private vs. charter.
And then I had a super bright child with a birthday just after the cut off.  And I started questioning.  Would it be academically fair and fitting to send my almost 6 year old to Kindergarten to learn her abc’s when she was already reading at a 3rdish grade reading level, and ahead across the board in all other subjects?  Would it be socially fair to put her in a higher grade level with kids older than her at a private school?  When I answered “no” to both of these, I agreed (albeit reluctantly) to “try” homeschooling for a year (letting our daughter skip Kindergarten) and see how it went.
It took me almost a full year to decide that I did, actually, enjoy homeschooling.
We are in our second year of homeschooling, and I am learning how to juggle a 2nd grader, a Kindergartener, a preschooler, and a baby.  It’s hard and challenging, but I’m still enjoying it.  Here are my (current) top 6 things I love about homeschooling:"

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