Monday, February 2, 2015

Valentines play dough gift

I love these as a Valentine's gift!  My kiddos gave these out to their friends last year, and they were a hit!  All you need is:

*1-2 batches homemade play dough
*clear plastic bags/gift bags
*typed and printed play dough recipe
*ribbon to tie the bag closed
*glue stick
*construction or scrap book paper
*funky scissors
*hole punch
*optional: candy 

1. Download a cute, free Valentine's Day font.  There are some cute ones HERE.  
2. Type up the play dough directions.  Include a personal message, too!
3. Use your fun scissors to cut out the instructions/note.  Glue it to a slightly larger piece of scrapbook paper.
4.  Punch a hole in the corner.
5.  Place 1-3 balls of play dough in your bag.  
6. Loop the ribbon through the hole on your instruction sheet, through the cookie cutter, and around the bag.  Tie it tightly. 
7. If you are including candy, tape it to the instruction card. 
8. Give it to your valentine!

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