Monday, March 16, 2015

Adding Fun File Folder

Remember the "Adding Fun" post from a couple years ago?  Well, it was by far my most popular post ever with almost 60,000 view and over 189,000 pins on Pinterest!  Isn't that just crazy?!?!

Well, I still love the activity idea!  It's such a great, fun, visual way to teach addition.  I recently made  a file folder version of the adding fun activity so that it could easily be put away in my file folder box.  and brought out whenever I need it.  

Since it needed to fold flat, I used construction paper to form the tubes and the "catch" at the bottom.   This made it so it could easily flatten up and be stored.

At the bottom, I added a laminated "___+___=___" card strip.  When a child uses the folder, she can also use an Expo marker to write her addition problem down on the bottom.

Adding Fun in a to-go form?  Perfect!

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