Monday, March 7, 2016

Life Lately...

We've had a few crazy weeks around here, hence the lack of blogging.  Here's a little peek into our life lately:

Little sickies, who then gave me sickies, have been the story of my life lately.  It seems like we've finally turned a corner, though, so there's that.  Since I'm the sole owner and teacher of a Kindermusik program, getting sick proved to be a whole lot of work as I had to last-minute cancel classes.  I REALLY need to hire someone, which has become more evident as I've been growing.  Sigh.  Good problem to have, I suppose! 

We're in the middle of buying our house.  After 4 years of renting here, we've been given the opportunity to purchase the house.  We jumped right on it!  The housing market here in Reno is insane, and houses are typically very expensive and hard to buy.  This has been a HUGE blessing for our family.  We close in about 1 week, and holding out on ripping off the wallpaper is taking some serious self control on my part.  

Homeschooling is ever-evolving, and I'm loving it.  The kids are working through and adapting to some new curriculums.  The girls just finished a 6 week theater/acting session, and although one of them said she hated it, from watching them, they both had a ton of fun and learned some self-confidence in the process.  Definitely something I'd sign them up for again.  

The girls start their third semester of choir today, which is always so much fun, but work for me as I organize the choir (totally worth it though).  They are both continuing on with gymnastics.  Ellie has moved onto the advanced gymnastics class and is determined that she wants to compete some day.  Aaron currently takes karate about 4 times a week at a studio that is conveniently down the street from our house.  He just had his first belt test and he was SO proud of himself (and oh, so cute!).  The girls continue to take piano lessons, though we've cut back to every other week in an effort to save some time from our schedule and some money as we purchase the house.  We're hoping swim lessons will work their way into our schedule and budget soon.  Our kids do not know how to swim (yikes!), and I'd really like to spend more time by the water this summer.  We've had field trips, park trips with friends, and recently had a fun Valentine's party at our house with homeschool friends.  

(To those of you who say homeschoolers aren't "socialized," I beg you to look at the active schedules of homeschoolers.  Instead of sitting at a desk with the same group of like-aged kids for 7 hours a day, they are out and about, engaging in a variety of activities with a variety of people of all ages.  I beg to differ, that it is homeschoolers who gain more "social" experiences!)

Anyway, life is fun and full and a little crazy lately with the sicknesses going around, buying the house, and my business growing a TON since the new year.  I'm hoping to start waking up early again now that everyone is healthy and sleeping, which means I can blog regularly again.  Yay!  On to tackle the day!  

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