Sunday, June 26, 2016

Prepping Food for the Week

I've been better about prepping ahead for the week lately.  I used to freezer crock pot cook a month at a time, but have since found it hard to find time or energy to totally prep so many meals in advance.  I've since taken to weekly prepping, which I find much easier to do right now, and also much easier to pick recipes that are currently sounding yummy to me.

On Sunday afternoon/evening, I take a couple hours to prep for the week.  I seriously dislike cooking, and with our evening schedule being the way it is right now with sports and swim lessons, having everything prepared before hand is so much easier.  I wrote last week's menu within THIS POST for the Reno Moms Blog.

Here's what tonight's time included:

*8 Cups brown rice (We use this for sides, but also my girls will eat it for snacks or for lunch)
*2 Caprese salads for my husband (with lettuce from the garden!)
*2 Cranberry, sunflower seed, and blue cheese salads
*7 cups of granola for cereal or snacking
*18 biscuits for breakfasts
*Crock Pot Sloppy Joes (made with hidden veggies!) - $13, but I had 2 pounds of ground beef on hand in my freezer so it was only about $5 out of pocket this week.
*Crock Pot Pulled Pork (with a pork shoulder from a local pig) - $3 out of pocket, plus the $20 pork shoulder I've had in my freezer from our last pig purchase.
*Crock Pot Minestrone Soup - $11.25

We have one other night where we eat dinner with church, and one weekday where I don't have any evening activities and can cook at the stove (enchiladas).

I did this prep over the course of two hours while also finishing up and serving and eating dinner with my family.  A little bit of time, for a much easier week!  We won't have to resort to fast food or other junk food options during the evenings that are busier, because a hot dinner will be waiting for us at home!

Do you prep ahead for your week?  What are your favorites to prep?

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