Friday, October 14, 2011

Freezer Organization (Part 2)

So, now that you've made a totally awesome "white board" to track the contents of your freezer, how about working towards organizing the inside a bit?  A few months ago, one of the baskets in our freezer broke.  Okay, actually it was probably 2 years ago, but whatever.  A month ago, I decided that I would buy a new basket so that I could get my freezer under control.  I searched online, and when I found the replacement part, and the sticker tag, I decided my broken basket was perfect "as is".  My kids were playing in the kitchen with some little plastic Dollar Store baskets with handles, and it dawned on me...those would be perfect for my freezer!  So, I cleaned them out, and began stuffing them with freezer items.  I was able to fit all of my frozen red bell peppers into one basket, and then I slid the basket right into my freezer.  Instant free organization!  Sigh...and all is well with the world again.  Look around your house for some unused plastic baskets.  They may be perfect (and free) for organizing your freezer!

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