Friday, October 14, 2011

Apple Hill Crafts & Fun Snacks

Each year, we take our kids to Apple Hill.  It is an awesome place near Placerville, CA with a ton of different farms.  Each farm is a little different, with offerings of everything from apple and berry picking to pony rides and fresh fudge.  You can visit their website HERE.  If you don't live in the area, you can check out and search for apple picking farms in your area. 

Whenever we do an activity like this with our children, I like to do a craft or activity to help them prepare for the trip.  If you are planning a trip to pick apples, or if you are just wanting to do a fall apple craft, try this one out!

You will need:

Pieces of green yarn, varying in lengths from 3 inches to 12 inches
A piece of paper (construction or computer paper work fine)
Red and/or Green pom poms
Drip Glue (like Elmer's)

On a piece of paper, use a brown marker to outline a tree trunk and some branches.  Have your child place glue around the tree branches (we say, "dot, dot, not a lot" to help our children remember that they don't need a ton of glue to get the job done).  Let your child place the green yarn throughout the tree.  Finally, have your child glue on the pom poms to represent the apples.  Here is what a finished product might look like:

This activity will help your child:
    *Learn that apples come in different colors
    *Practice their fine motor skills
    *Practice self-control (with glue)
    *Learn colors

While you are at Apple Hill, check out their Apple Peeler/Slicer/Corers.  They look like this:

My children will eat an apple every day, so long as it is peeled and in a "twirly" shape.  They also love to put the apple on the corer and spin the handle themselves.  I have found that kids are much more apt to eat items that they have helped to prepare.  Wondering what to do with the mess of apple-skin strings left over?  Put them in a bowl for your kids to play with...wonderful sensory activity! 

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