Sunday, October 23, 2011

Ice Cream Chore Chart


Looking for a new way to motivate your child?  How about a new way to keep track of chores and jobs for your kids?  Head over to childmade to find step by step instructions on how to make this ice cream job chart.  I'm thinking of trying it out this week using felt.  You could use a variety of materials to make this work, so don't worry if you are not an expert sewer with an embroidery machine!  You could even do this with plain old paper! 

Having new and exciting motivational tools, like this one, will help keep some excitement in the daily chores expected of your child.  Try using different sticker charts or visual tools for keeping track of good behavior or chores.  It will help keep things new and fresh.  I've found that a sticker chart's effectiveness decreases if I use it for more than a few weeks.  But, if I change it up a bit, they are eager to see it get filled up again!  I can't wait to try this ice cream cone chart!  I think my girls will love it.

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