Friday, December 2, 2011

Dishwasher Snowman

Our two Christmas trees have been up for a while now, though only one (the "family" one) has been decorated.  I had a few moments today to throw up some more decorations, decorate the other "pretty" tree, and pull out all the nutcrackers.  Nutcrackers are my husband's favorite.

I have wanted to make a snowman out of my fridge, but being that my fridge is black, I don't think it would work for a snowman who is supposed to be made out of white snow.  So.  Today I realized that I do, indeed, have a white appliance in my dishwasher!  My dishwasher is one of my most beloved appliances, so why not give it a little Christmas Spirit, too!  You can do this, also, with just a small amount of orange and black paper and some scissors.  All you need to do is cut out 2 black circles for eyes, 1 orange triangle for a carrot nose, and about 8-10 more black circles for the mouth.  If you have a white fridge, you could get even more creative.  You could add a scarf, buttons down the "tummy", or even a hat!  I simply used scotch tape to make mine stick to the dishwasher.  My two year old, for some odd reason, does not like it at all.  She keeps tearing down the pieces!  I can't figure out what bother's her about it, however, she seems to be adjusting to our new little "friend" :) 

Have fun with this easy, frugal, and simple Christmas decoration!

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