Thursday, February 2, 2012

Make Your Own Peanut Butter

So, after making almond butter earlier this week (and absolutely loving it!), I decided to make peanut butter.  I had a jar full of dry roasted peanuts in my pantry that my family would not eat for some reason.  Perfect!  If you, too, are wanting to try homemade peanut butter, give this a shot!

  1. Place dry roasted peanuts in your food processor.  I did between 12-16 oz of peanuts because that's how much I had.  Keep in mind that your recipe will yield slightly less peanut butter than the amount of peanuts you put in (because they are getting smashed and pureed together).
  2. Turn on your processor.  I found that the peanuts were easier to process than the almonds I did earlier this week.  It went a little quicker and didn't spread out to the sides as much.  If your peanuts spread against the sides, scrape it back to the center and continue processing it.  
  3. Add about 1-2 tsps cocnut oil to help thin your peanut butter (if needed/desired).  If you did not use salted peanuts, you may also want to add a little bit of salt.  
  4. I added about 1 TBL honey to my mixture for flavoring and to help thin the mixture. 
  5. Once your peanut butter is to your desired texture/consistency, remove it from the processor and store in an airtight container in your fridge.  
This is really tasty!  I think it's even better than the Adams natural peanut butter!   Watch for a sale on peanuts to make this a frugal homemade food.  If nothing else, it is a fun thing to do and gives you another opportunity to control the ingredients in your family's food. 

Before making peanut butter, my kids had no clue what was in it.  Now they do!  They loved getting to turn the machine on and off and watching it get creamer. 

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