Monday, February 20, 2012

Sweechy Peasy

Ellie with her "Sweechy Peasy"-7 months ago!
When Ellie was about 13 months old, we noticed that every time her uncle Louie walked in the door, she would say "TayTay".  We quickly adopted this as his name without another thought.   To this day, we still refer to him as TayTay.  Little did I then know that my daughter had apparently inherited a "naming" gene from her daddy's side of the family.  

Over the past 7 years of marriage, I have discovered that Ben, along with his brothers Joel and Louie, are all "namers".  Got a new teddy bear?  It better get a name.  Have a guitar?  Name it.  You get the picture.  And here's the kicker:  they're good at it.  Really good.  Their nick names for people usually stick.  It's a little odd to me, but funny.

Ellie has recently been perfecting her nick naming skills.  My most favorite new nickname of hers is her name for her brother, Aaron.  She calls him Sweechy Peasy.  For real.  I don't know where she got it, but I love it.  When she's trying to be extra sweet to him, we will overhear something like "Hi Sweechy Peasy.  How are you?"  I look forward to all the names and nick names she develops over the years!

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  1. Ahh, that's super cute! I love that she calls Louie Tay Tay. So random. SO authentic. So super cute!



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