Monday, April 23, 2012

Great Stormy Day Book for Kids

Driving home from work today in the rain was wonderful!  When I arrived home, though, Zoe crinkled up her nose and said, "I don't like the thunder.  The thunder is mean!"  I love that girl.

One of all-time favorite stormy day kids books is called, "Storm is Coming".  It's a cute little story about barn animals (also great for a farm theme).  Word gets around the barn that "Storm" is coming.  By the end of the book, the animals are thankful that the rain, thunder, and lightning scared this scary person "Storm" away.  It's so cute and the kids always love it (especially the older ones who catch on to the humor of the book).  Amazon sells it HERE for pretty cheap, if you're interested.  You could also check it out at the library and save some money ;)

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