Friday, May 11, 2012

Mother's Day Framed Handprint Gift

If you are looking for a cute, quick, and inexpensive gift for your kids to do for Mother's Day, this is a perfect craft.  I had my kindergarten kids do these for their moms this year.  Simply paint their hand any color of a flower and have them place their hand on a sheet of white construction paper.  Then have the kids paint a stem and leaves.  My kids wanted yellow in the middle of their "flowers" so I let them paint a yellow circle in the middle, too.  

Once dry, older kids can write "Happy Mother's Day" on their paper.  Have them sign their name or write it for them.  Finally, a Dollar Store frame is what completes this project.  Place the picture in a frame.  

Add some ribbon or a bow to add to the presentation of your picture!  

Now, wasn't that cute, simple, and inexpensive?  Yay!



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